Tuesday, April 14, 2020

why I dont want to be a manager

1. As a developer I get much control on what I am going to do. Ofcourse I cannot do it every hours. But largely I can pick up technology stack I love, create effective proficiency and look out job in that.
2. As a engineer, I am more like a farmer. I produce things. And I can produce things which can even produce more. For example mathematical library like Eigen, helps us to build more complex pieces for mathematical problem solving. Also similarly a very simple database written in 500 lines of python is enough for most of the small online shopping websites. And can help to get total revenue exceed $1 billion.
Interesting viewpoint
From TeamBlind one cisco manager had following confession:
I wanted to become manager but then I observed mgrs in my org and learnt that for that role,
I need to first become dumb, create silos within team, be territorial, let issue persist until it become redhot, shield my reportee's for any influential event/meeting, be look like tech expert by always front runner for every interaction, ensure that I am always in the loop for every thing happening at the team level,
and most imp learn to lie and be not honest and clear to reportees. After careful thought,
I realized that its steep learning curve for that role.

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